In celebration of the first week on set for our favourite show, lets see what the rumour mill has dredged up for Season 3 so far!

  1. Sam and Cait will be filming Season 3 in Boston!

It is possible that some of the scenes with Claire in Boston could be filmed in the US, but none of them are really “outdoor” scenes, and could be dealt with on the sound stage. Ron Moore has stated in an interview that there will be no scenes filmed in the US this season. Season 4 though? That’s a whole nutha thing!

Truth Meter: UNLIKELY


  1. Jamie and Claire Reunion will Not Be A Pleasant One

Taken from possible synopses of Season 3 episodes appearing online (guilty!), this is a sensationalist headline referring to actual events that happen during the season, but rest assured the reunion itself will be very happy! Or Outlander fans will be after Ron Moore & Co. with pitchforks!

Truth Meter: TWISTED


  1. The Casting Process Has Begun for Young Ian and grown up Lord John Grey

Executive Producer Maril Davis herself has confirmed this one, but considering that we would expect to see John in Episode 2, and Young Ian about 6 or 7, we would expect the casting to be well on the way. There are a lot of new faces in the first few episodes so I imagine the casting people will be working overtime!  They do have a basis for Lord John’s look already, with Oscar Kennedy having played the sixteen year old version in Season 2.

Truth Meter: DEFINITE

young lord john

  1. We Will See The Battle of Culloden in Season 3

Well this is a good one. The book “Voyager” begins in the immediate aftermath of Culloden and although there are a few flashbacks, the battle itself is not really covered. After all, we know what happened, do we really need to see it in all it’s heartbreaking, bloody glory? Of course TV is far different than a book and I believe that we will need to see SOME of it. We will need to see Jamie’s final showdown with Black Jack Randall, for example. And if other characters are to perish then we will need to see them, or their bodies at least. So this rumour could indeed be true.



  1. Claire Shots Filmed in Glasgow?

Rumours have surfaced suggesting filming has secretly begun in Glasgow at the now-closed Victoria Infirmary building in the city. The fact that Outlander is filming there appears to be factual, although it is more likely they were merely scouting and creating the sets ready for filming. What could they be filming? The obvious choice would be Claire’s flashbacks to being a surgeon in Boston.



  1. Claire and Jamie to Fight Over Lord John Grey

Book readers are well aware of the very special friendship that Jamie and John Grey develop over the years, and of the kiss. Although Claire likes John when she first meets him, any friendship is scarred by her discovery of his love for Jamie and their shared past. In future books, she never really gets over this rivalry she feels for John, despite the interesting twists and turns their own relationship goes through during the later books. Nevertheless, she and Jamie don’t fight in “Voyager” over John. Claire accepts Jamie’s explanation. They DO fight over Laoghaire and that’s where this rumour seems to originate. One report refers to “Jamie’s naughty activities during their time apart”. Jamie and Claire were separated for 20 years and as we book readers know, he didn’t get up to too much naughty business at all! If this turn out to be true it will be the writers’ invention and a lot of fans will NOT be happy!

Truth Meter: WE HOPE NOT!

 Jamie and Claire 3

  1. More Emmy Nominations Next Year Thanks to Game of Thrones’ Ineligibility?

With the announcement that the next season of Game of Thrones will not air until the US Summer 2017, came this headline. With Downton Abbey also now out of the mix, entertainment website Golderby believes Outlander could be in with a chance. It has noted however that out of the 23 nominations GoT received this year, there were none for Best Actress or Best Actor so their omission will probably not have an affect on Sam and Cait’s chances. They do state, however, that with Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage out of the race, it leaves a slot open that could be filled by Tobias Menzies. So is this likely to be true? Well Tobias had few scenes in Season 2 and that will continue in Season 3. Black Jack’s only probable scene will be his death, and that could be a big one. Frank will appear in Flashbacks to Claire’s life in the 50s and 60s. In the book these are few and far between, but the content is dramatic and no doubt Tobias will make a meal of them as he always does. Will these few scenes be enough to sway the voters that he is a Supporting Actor ,considering Kit Harington and Peter Dinklage appear in every episode of GoT? One category we could hope for is Best Drama Series and in the end, that is the one we would really like to get! In a recent interview, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht stated his belief that, in his experience with the inner workings of the Emmy voting system, it is not a level playing field and Outlander will never be recognised by Emmy voters. Let’s hope he’s wrong. But is Golderby right? We will have to wait and see.

Truth Meter: WE HOPE SO!

Emmy Poster

  1. That Persistent Rumour

Like all good shows featuring two romantic leads with amazing chemistry, Outlander has been the focus of dating rumours regarding it’s lead actors and they have resurfaced again this week. Sam, Caitriona and other members of the Outlander extended family have denied this repeatedly. A bit of speculation never hurt a show and it is a ploy that has been used by Hollywood since the silent movie days to create buzz and publicity. Obviously Sam and Cait are great friends, as they have said time and time again. Creating a show like Outlander, where they are isolated from the world for great chunks of time, playing a loving couple and explicit sex scenes, one would expect their level of trust and intimacy (in a friendship way) would be very strong. A lof of fans get very upset that this question should even be asked, as it is an invasion of privacy, but unfortunately actors know this going in since they are seeking success in their field, and this sort of speculation is par for the course. Both stars have always indulged in a bit of teasing at events, panels, red carpets and on Twitter, and both like to keep their private lives private. And co-workers DO date and actors DO pair up (Kit Harington and Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones; Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin of True Blood for example). Rumours are STILL abounding that Friends stars Courtney Cox and Matthew Perry, whose characters Monica and Chandler were married on the show, are now dating, years after the show ended. And why not? Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, who were a couple on That Seventies Show, are now married and expecting their second baby! The problem with these particular rumours about Sam and Cait is it feeds into the fantasy of the group of sad individuals who spend their day searching for evidence and hassling the stars involved (and even their friends and romantic partners) in some crazed attempt to make their belief a reality. Sort of like the Outlander fan version of a religious extremist. This applies to both the group of crazies who believe there is a giant cover up and conspiracy, and Sam and Cait really are a couple, and to the so-called “truthers” (and I hate to use these ridiculous terms) who spend the same amount of time and intrusive tactics to prove them wrong. Twitter has become a cess-pit boiling over with this putrid sludge that does nothing except make the majority of us uncomfortable and sad for the actors and other Outlanders, and for our fandom in general. So now, even in the general fandom, even the light-hearted fan who ventures to innocently comment “they’d make such a beautiful couple” is now painted with the rabid “shipper” brush and the other fans then become over-protective and attack them. It has all become too embarrassing and although we are not the only fandom to suffer this fate, one would expect a show with a more mature fanbase would not have become so riddled with this cancer. In the end, it is a small (but very vocal) minority, and most of us just sit back and ignore it, shaking our head with a heavy sigh. Lets hope it doesn’t leech all the fun out of the fandom and our interactions with the stars.

Truth Meter: NON-ISSUE



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