Outlander Season 3 – Episode 7

This episode is the clear start of the second half of the season – the part that show runner Ronald D. Moore has been looking forward to!  It will be interesting to see where they will choose to film the seafaring scenes (there has been suggestions that they will use the ships from another Starz hit – Black Sails – from which this pic below is taken).  And so begins the tale of pirates, the British Navy, Jamie’s severe seasickness, and exotic foreign lands!



After arriving in Paris, Jared helps them find out what ship has abducted Young Ian – The Bruja – and where it is headed – the West Indies. He arranges for them to use one of his own ships, the Artemis, with Jamie going onboard as Supercargo. They try to discover who might have sent the Bruja to retrieve the treasure – could it have belonged to the Duke of Sandringham? They get everything they need for the trip, bumping into the Reverend Campbell once again. Mr Willoughby mentions the Reverend had been a client at the Brothel in Edinburgh. During disussions with Jared, Claire also discovers that Jamie became a Freemason in prison. Finally, Claire goes to say farewell to Faith’s grave, with Mother Hildegarde and Bouton.


They set sail and along the way collect some of Jamie’s men including Duncan Innes. At the last moment, Fergus finally arrives – with fifteen year old Marsali, Laoghaire’s daughter – and announces they are married! Marsali is very determined to come along so Jamie makes them promise that they will not consummate the handfasting until they can be properly married on arrival in the Indies.

The crossing begins and soon enough Jamie becomes very ill and Mr Willoughby uses acupuncture to help him. Meanwhile she busies herself as ship’s surgeon and bargaining with the cook to have the men fed well. After a couple of odd accidents, Jamie is convinced someone is trying to kill him and they try to find the culprit, who must be among his men.

Jamie and Claire talk about her life in the future and Brianna (Flashback – Claire writes a goodbye letter to Bree) and discuss how hard it is to abstain from making love on the ship.

The sailors throw a cask of rotting horsemeat overboard, sharks come, Mr Willoughby jumps overboard to save a pelican, Jamie jumps in to save him. Back in their cabin, Jamie strips off and they make love quickly before Duncan Innes returns to the cabin.

Mr Willoughby trains the pelican to catch fish and eventually tells his story

Juvenile brown pelican landing in water

Marsali asks Claire about having sex and babies and contraception.

A British Man-o-War, the HMS Porpoise, boards them. The captain asks if there is a surgeon on board as his crew is in a bad way. Claire thinks they have typhoid, which she is vaccinated against, and she volunteers to go to the ship, against Jamie’s wishes. She looks after the men and while doing so the ship heads off, leaving her on board and Jamie back on the Artemis.

What will be changed?

The arrival in Paris and their preparations are fairly involved, and is likely to be simplified for the show. For example, they may just leave directly from Le Havre with all passengers rather than picking up on the way. Will Jamie accompany Claire to Faith’s grave?

What can be left out?

There doesn’t seem a lot of necessity to have the pelican training scenes included, and would save finding a tame pelican! Although it comes up occasionally throughout the future books, Jamie’s Freemasonry may also be omitted, as could the mystery of who might be trying to kill him.

What CAN’T be left out?

Fergus and Marsali’s elopement. Claire’s farewell to Faith’s grave.

What are we looking forward to most?

Seasick Jamie perhaps? Seeing Mother Hildegarde again.

Most anticipated dialogue:

“I have noticed that time does not really exist for mothers with regard to their children.” – Mother Hildegarde to Claire.

Tissue Rating: ¼ box (Faith’s grave)

Sexy Times Rating: * (Seasick Jamie is not very sexy!)

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