Outlander Season 3 – Episode 6

Halfway through the season we have one of the most – well not so much anticipated as dreaded – scenes in Season 3.  An old antagonist returns in the most dramatic way, bringing startling news that has Claire second-guessing her decision to come back through the stones.  These scenes will have to be handled with care so that they don’t seem too melodramatic or comical – it’s a fine line all involved will need to walk here.  Nevertheless, I’m dying to see it!  The end of this episode heralds the start of a new direction for the season as Outlanders sets sail in pursuit of pirates!



Jamie and Claire take Young Ian back to Lallybroch where she meets Jenny again. Young Ian has to face his parent’s wrath for running away from home and Jamie is given the task of beating him. Because of his own part in it, Jamie gets Ian to return the favour. That night Jamie tells Claire about the treasure. In the morning they are making love when the door slams open and a young girl is standing there, soon followed by Laoghaire. Claire is furious, Jamie tries to explain and there is a big fight followed by violent sex, interrupted by Jenny who tells them to stop as the whole house can hear it. Jamie goes after Laoghaire and Claire leaves.


2 Days later Young Ian comes after her. Jamie needs her. Laoghaire shot him and he’s dying.

Claire tends to Jamie and gives him the antibiotics she has brought through the stones. He tells her how it came to be that he married Laoghaire. (Possible flashback to when he married Laoghaire, showing what a failure their marriage was). She meets all the Murray children and Fergus returns. Claire and Jenny have a discussion in the root cellar. Laoghaire’s brother, Hobart, comes with Ned Gowan to strike a deal regarding the marriage. They decide to go and get some of the treasure to pay off Laoghaire and Jamie wants to take Young Ian to swim to the rock. However disaster strikes when he reaches the treasure and is taken by pirates.


What will be changed?

I actually originally thought this would be two episodes, but in retrospect there isn’t as much as I thought. I think it will go this way: Scene 1: Jamie, Young Ian and Claire arrive back at Lallybroch where Young Ian is berated (no beating). Scene 2: The next morning Jamie tells Claire about the treasure, and then they begin making love, when Laoghaire and her daughter burst in and there is a scene. Scene 3: alone again Jamie and Claire fight, they begin having violent sex which is interrupted by Jenny, Jamie leaves to sort out Laoghaire and Claire leaves. Scene 4: voiceover will tell that Claire has been gone 2 days when Young Ian rides up and tells her Jamie has been shot. Scene 5 – Claire tends to Jamie, gives him antibiotics, they talk about why he married Laoghaire (possible flashback but may be left out for time). Scene 6: Hobart & Ned turn up and they make a deal. Scene 7: They tell Jenny they must go and get the treasure to pay Laoghaire and wish to take Ian. Scene 8: they are at the rocks, they send Ian in, he is swimming and a boat comes along and takes him. I think it should be a jam-packed episode but it will all fit in with a bit of condensing.

What can be left out?

Some of the discussions with the children and Jenny. The beatings. Her conversation with Jenny in the root cellar.

What CAN’T be left out?

Just about everything else, but definitely not Ian swimming to the rock and being abducted, and Laoghaire shooting Jamie (although we probably won’t actually see that).

What are we looking forward to most?

The return of Laoghaire.

Most anticipated dialogue:

“Daddy! Who is that woman?”

Tissue Rating: ¼ box for the Lallybroch return, and wiping away spittle from yelling at the screen when Laoghaire appears and the pirates take Ian.

Sexy Times Rating: *****+ (Put the kids to bed first!)

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