Outlander Season 3 – Episode 5

This is an interesting episode that begins with the aftermath of Claire and Jamie’s reunion, then evolves into a strange little farce where we are reacquainted with some old loved ones and meet some new in a series of comical scenes, and we learn what Jamie is up to these days.  If there was a storyline that could be excluded, the smuggling fiasco at Arbroath could be it, but we will have to wait and see!



They awaken in the morning and talk about Brianna, what she looks like. Claire inspects Jamie’s latest scars. Suddenly, Ian runs in, looking for Young Ian. It’s a bit of a shock to see Claire! Jamie goes with Ian to look for his son and Claire stays in bed. Another knock on the door – this time it’s Young Ian, who is embarrassed and leaves thinking she is a whore. Finally another knock heralds the arrival of Mr Willoughby. They talk and he tells her some of his story. She goes downstairs wrapped in her quilt as she has no clothes and breakfasts with the whores, where she hears about a serial killer known as “The Edinburgh Fiend”. A man walks in and embraces her – it is a grown up Fergus! After he has gone, a man enters and there is a confrontation during which Mr Willoughby shoots him.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Claire learns that Jamie and Fergus are involved in smuggling. They meet Sir Percival, who warns them against going North. Making up for lost time, they take a room in the tavern and after making love Jamie tells her how he became a printer. They go for an evening walk and discover the print shop on fire. Jamie runs into the burning building to save his precious press and then again to save Young Ian once they find out he is in there. Afterwards, Ian, who is drunk tells them his story including the fact that he thinks he killed the man who started the fire, a man who had been looking for Jamie. He sends his father away and Fergus takes him to the brothel to lose his virginity. In the morning, Claire heads to the apothecary shop where she meets the Reverend Campbell who enlists her help with his hysterical sister. Later, when Jamie goes to check on the print-shop (and perhaps find a body), Young Ian accompanies Claire to visit the Reverends sister. Margaret Campbell is catatonic. The maid mentions they are heading to the West Indies. She also tells Claire that Miss Campbell had been attacked by British Officers and left to die, which is how she ended up in such a state. Young Ian comes to fetch her and at the mention of Jamie’s name, Miss Campbell begans to scream hysterically. When she tells Jamie about her later, he thinks she might be the sweetheart of another soldier he knew at Culloden.

Finally they head to Arbroath to meet the smuggler ship, but they have been betrayed and it all goes to hell.


What will be changed?

There are some who feel Mr Willoughby can be left out altogether, but during this breakdown exercise I discovered he is wound throughout the plot and to remove him would be difficult and require giving certain of his scenes to other characters, and in the end it doesn’t save much time.  They may decide to leave the smuggling scene out completely, as it doesn’t add much to the overall storyline except who has betrayed Jamie and they could handle that another way, or it could just be condensed.

What can be left out?

The conversations with the whores and the search for a dress for Claire could be left out or condensed. They could possibly leave out the Edinburgh Fiend storyline (and therefore the Campbells) but it does remove some great dramatic scenes from later in the season, and I for one love that storyline!

What CAN’T be left out?

The Printing Press!

What are we looking forward to most?

Meeting Young Ian, and older Fergus!

Most anticipated dialogue:

“Well I’m no saint Sassenach, but I’m no a pimp either!” (among other gems!)

Tissue Rating: 1 Box (at least!)

Sexy Times Rating:  **** (for the post-coital discussions and possible further sex scene)

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