Outlander Season 3 – Episode 4

A bonus episode for today thanks to reaching my first milestone on my Facebook Page.  When I first broke up the book this was two episodes but by the time I got to the end I was running out of room.  Looking back, the two episodes were not enough on their own and would have to have included filler, so I have combined them, as I think they work well together anyway.

This is the episode we have been waiting for, the most emotional and with one of the best sex scenes in the series.  The feels begin with Claire and Brianna’s farewell and continue with Jamie and Claire’s reunion.  This will be the one we watch over and over again!

As a special gift for this special episode, look back over the past two seasons at this epic love story in this beautiful fan video:

Jamie and Claire



Claire goes to see Joe and tells him what is happening, a student comes in with an old skeleton. Then she heads back to Scotland.

Back in Scotland, Brianna and Roger have found Jamie – Alexander Malcolm, Printer – in Edinburgh. It’s time for Claire to go back and find him. She gets suitable clothes and some money to take with her and they have a final meal before she heads off on Samhain to go through the stones. Claire and Brianna have a sad farewell, then Brianna and Roger share a romantic moment when he tells her that she has him, once her mother has gone.


Claire goes through the stones and wakes up 20 years after she last left. She makes her way to Edinburgh and finds the print shop. Out the front there is a sign “A. Malcolm – Printer” Jamie is standing with his back to her, when she says his name he turns and at first thinks he has imagined her, as he has so many times before. When she touches him and he realises she is real, he faints.

Jamie and Claire become reacquainted and share a kiss, she tells him about Brianna, they look at photos. They go to the tavern to find Mr Willoughby, then to the brothel where they have a confrontation about whether she wants him the way he is now and finally make love.


What will be changed?

When I first broke up the episodes I had this one finish when Jamie faints, as it included a lot that I have now put into Episode 3. I think this is made up of the following scenes: 1. Claire in Boston; 2. Claire, Brianna and Roger have a farewell dinner and discuss the preparations then head to the stones where there is an emotional farewell. 3. Claire awakens, goes to Edinburgh. 4. She finds and confronts Jamie. 5. They go to the tavern and find Mr Willoughby then to the brothel where he has rooms and the big reunion sex scene. I think space is needed for their reunion to get to that point.

What can be left out?

They may leave out the skeleton part, which is not really necessary. They could leave out Joe altogether.  Mr Willoughby’s sexual fetish could probably be left by the wayside.

What CAN’T be left out?

The farewell scene at the stones between Claire and Brianna! The photographs of Brianna!  All the reunion!

What are we looking forward to most?

The most anticipated scene in this season – the reunion of Jamie and Claire! Oh the feels! This is the most anticipated episode of the season and I think they will do it justice.

Most anticipated dialogue:

“Dinna be afraid.  There’s the two of us now.” 

“Do ye want me?  Sassenach, will ye take me – and risk the man that I am, for the sake of the man that ye knew?”

Tissue Rating: 2+ boxes!

Sexy Times Rating: *****+ Best sex scene since Season 1!!!

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