Outlander Season 3 – Episode 3

I have been to the Lake District in England twice, such an absolutely beautiful place, so serene and picturesque, home of Beatrix Potter and many stately homes.  Although different from Scotland, it would have been alike enough to make Jamie’s heart ache, but how he would have loved the stables and horses, the fresh air and relative freedom.  Still, a poor exchange for the Highlands he loved before Culloden, and his beloved Claire.




While most Jacobite prisoners were deported or executed, Lord John Grey arranges for Jamie to be taken in as a groom at the Lake District estate of family friends, the Dunsanys, where he will be known as Alex MacKenzie. Jamie enjoys being outside and working with horses again. The daughter of the house, Geneva, follows him about and flirts with him. She has been promised to their neighbour the elderly Lord Ellesmere but she wishes Jamie to take her virginity and blackmails him into it. She marries and is soon in labour with her first child. Jamie is enlisted to take her father to her. Sadly, she dies from complications from childbirth. Jamie and the coachman are called to a scene in the house and to bring pistols. In the ensuing kerfuffle, Jamie shoots Ellesmere as he threatens to drop the baby out of the window. The murder is covered up by Geneva’s parents and her mother offers him his freedom to go home to Scotland but as he has just learned he has a son he decides to stay and we see Willie grow up into a feisty little lad beneath Jamie’s watchful eye.



Claire has gone back to Boston to get affairs into order. She thinks back to a conversation she and Brianna had while cruising Loch Ness, discussing Gillian Edgars/Geillis Duncan and the methods of time travel from Gillian’s book. She also thinks back to when she first became a surgeon and met Joe Abernathy.

As she says goodbye to her home in Boston – Flashback – Frank and Claire fight about him going to live in England and taking Brianna, his alleged affairs, he accuses her of sleeping with Joe. He storms off, has car accident and then dies.

She receives a telegram from Roger to say he has found Jamie in the past.

What will be changed?

I first thought that Helwater would take the whole episode but looking at the break-up as it continues along, I think they will condense it more than I first anticipated.  They can’t have an episode without Claire in it, and I don’t think there is enough time in the season to add to much extra stuff.  Therefore, I think they will jump between the two timelines, showing what was happening with Claire while Jamie was at Helwater – bringing up Brianna, her life with Frank etc, as well as what is happening in 1968 to find him.  The first two episodes sort of broke up themselves, but now it is getting more difficult.  I don’t envy the writers!!

What can be left out?

There’s a lot of small detail that could be left out in Helwater, in 1968 and in the past but I think they have proven they can condense portions of the book and still cover the important parts, include some important dialogue and make it all seamless so I’m sure they will here too.

What CAN’T be left out?

I think it is important to see Jamie with Geneva, to show his gentleness and compassion even though he was forced to make love to her, even though we will all grit out teeth!  And we must see what happened to Frank.

What are we looking forward to most?

The scene where William is born – that will be a doozy!

 Most anticipated dialogue:

Not really dialogue but Roger’s telegram “HAVE FOUND HIM STOP WILL YOU COME BACK QUERY ROGER” 

Tissue Rating:  1/2 box (depending on how much you love Frank)

Sexy Times Rating: * – well, it’s not Jamie and Claire…..

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