I wanna go to SDCC!!

So I’ve been writing.  And reading.  And I’ve been doing a very cool online Masterclass in writing with James Patterson.  And I’ve been looking after sick kids.  And working.  And I’ve been watching TV.  And I’ve been Facebooking and Tweeting.  And I’ve been wishing I could be at San Diego Comicon.  Because, I mean, it has EVERYTHING I want in a holiday.  First of all, I love San Diego.  Been there a couple of times, great place.  I could have found a nice resort there, near the beach.  Taken the kids to SeaWorld again.  And then we could have all gone to Comicon.  I could have done all the panels for all my favourite TV shows (Outlander! Arrow! Game of Thrones! The Walking Dead! and more), I could have seen the Star Wars panel and I would have cried when Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher came out and made my 14 year old self very, very happy.  I could have seen all my favourite authors, got lots of ideas and tips.  I’d have gotten autographs and photos and asked questions and bought memorabilia.  I don’t think would have dressed up, I’m not a cosplay sort of person.  But I’d have loved it.  *sigh*  Maybe I had better get that book of mine finished so I can have a reason to be there next time.

If you’re interested in the James Patterson Masterclass, it was great.  Go look here.

If you want to see the Star Wars Comicon video, try this.

And if you want to see Sam & Cait from Outlander talking about Season 2 at Comicon on IGN, here you go!

I can’t wait for more Comicon panels and interviews tomorrow!

"I love you"  "I know"
“I love you” “I know”
Sam & Cait - I ship them so hard!
Sam & Cait – I ship them so hard!

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